Best OS for WI-FI hacking

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Hacking WiFi at a large scale is called WARDRIVING, like on a city level.

Operating system most widely used on computer/laptop for wi-fi hacking - wifislax.

“When it comes to wi-fi hacking operating system then simply wifislax is one of the most powerful and only OS fully dedicated to wi-fi hacking .”

OS for Raspberry pi

“When it comes to raspberry pi, this little piece of board is very powerful or we can say very useful, and can be changed in powerful dedicated wifi hacking machine, well we all know kali OS has dedicated crafted OS specifically for pi boards.”

You can hop on to kali Official website and download the iso from their download page.

OS for Android phones.

Now a days as we know Android phones are very powerful and yes atleast we can perform full wi-fi hacking from our smartphone. Now when it comes to phone part we recommend two very powerful android based custom ROMS. One is ANDRAX and another is kali nethunter. Now you can use either of them, as they both are great and powerful."
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